Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Introducing Garyn

So, here he is.  Yes, the main character in our book.  His name is Garyn Stelifar.  He is a boy like most boys--raring to go on an adventure, a little fool-hardy and untrained.  But he has some great being the resilience taught him by his mentor, Torvid Firestorm, the dragon he has known since childhood.

What's he doing here?  Well, we are getting ready to revamp the cover of our book.  It's a great looking cover, but it doesn't give you, the potential reader, enough clues to go on.  Basically, the shadow of a Tarn is compelling, but it doesn't tell enough about the story.  So we found our Garyn and here he is pictured above.
(Okay, okay, his real name is Dylan and he is a great kid to hang around with too.)

 And this is Chyra.  She's only half-way formed.  She's got the white hair of her Tarnish disguise (wait, did I just say "disguise?) but not the ram horns.  They'll be added later.  Yeah, yeah--so her real name is Celeste and she's a cheerleader and we finally got her to give us a hint of Chyra's attitude in her pose.

So these are two of my models.  I have two more as well.  Very fun.  But I will save them for later.  This is a sneak peek only.   But it's looking good, isn't it?  I mean, these kids totally have a look that says, "I belong on the cover of a good fantasy book".   Kudos to Daniel for taking the photos and handling the lighting.

He's great at lighting.  Heck, he's great at handling, too, but that's way more information then you need. 

Oh, and a few more details:  we are in our new place!!  Yes!  A sweet little 2 bedroom house with a yard for my son to run around in, and pretty hard-wood flooring.  Such a relief, too.  They were willing to let us do just a 6 month lease, which was very generous, since my husband's work has hinted that they may send us a few states away in the coming winter.  I've had my cry and now I am resolved.  The truth is, that God's a great planner of our individual stories, whether they surprise us or not and He promises that He knows the plans He has and that they are good.  So, I am resolved.  If we have to move, it will be good--just as simple as that.  :)

But in the meantime, I am enjoying my little place very much and am VERY grateful. 

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