Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Promised Post

A while back I displayed (to my embarrassment) an old old chunk of graphic novel I did on Robin Hood.  It was when I was first learning Photoshop and was working with photo manipulation.  It's pretty funny in quality, but the photos are still cool.

I mentioned, that I was attempting to redo one of the pages...and draw and color rather than use the photos.  I am halfway through this attempt.  I can't promise I will actually ever finish it, though.  (Sorry).

  You can kinda see the steps I have taken in my process...the bottom right image shows how I pretty much drew over the photo and then colored it in with blocks of color.

   The top right image shows some of the detail work I was putting into the background and how I was coloring over my dark lines.

   Bottom left image, is mostly completed.  It needs its talk bubble added, of course.  And  bit more detail paint in the feather and the hand.

  Top left is the completed cell, with talk bubble and fun lighting.  I like how it turned out, especially the fun atmospheric look.  It actually looks to me like it could show morning in Sherwood Forest.

  Hope you like!  Anyway, at least I like it better than the original.  ;)