Thursday, December 13, 2012


     Here we go, the final image, with Torvid's sparks and fun atmospheric mist and Orkyn's eyes watching eerily from the background!
     It is SO cool!  Wow.  Djamila Knopf did a truly AMAZING job.  Daniel and I are just thrilled.

   So, we're right in the middle of trying to move our family from Colorado to Illinois before Christmas (eeek!) and before the snow comes, but we have such fun things in the making!

  First, even though we didn't make our Kickstarter goal, when we first tried to raise funds for creating an audiobook of Tarnished, we have been slowly pursuing it anyway.  We just got a very practiced actor (Cougar Littlefield: ) to be the voice of Orkyn, our main bad dude in the story.  We're still scouting for our other main characters (Garyn, Flint, the Scribe, for instance) and we will continue to keep our blog and facebook page updated on new additions.  Our facebook page for the book is .  If you want to keep up on all things new with Tarnished, just hit the "like" button, and if you happen to live near us (which will now be in upstate Illinois) and want to be involved, hit us up.  We LOVE collaboration and will find SOMETHING for you to do or be a part of!
   Next, I'm busy working on Chapter 2 of the Tarnished sequel (or I will be, when we get resettled).  It's going to be another fun and exciting read with a battle or two, a new race (the Patrimar) and a bit of love interest thrown in for Garyn who has grown up a few years since the last book.  And yes, Chyra Vintari will be featured too, which is a hint for those of you who've read Tarnished. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Next Revision, As Promised

Here is the Djamila Knopf's next revision of her wonderful art piece.  We are jazzed !!  It looks like so much fun--I think it's going to create a great looking thumbprint image (very important when trying to market your book!) AND be compelling as a book to pick up and read.  Shila has been awesome to work with, by the way.  We consider ourselves very blessed to have found her.

Again, here's her page on deviant Art if you'd like to check out more of her stuff: