Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Caedyn's Truck Bookshelf: Total cost: $6.50

    Okay, here's what I did...located these two items at Goodwill.    $2.00
Next, got some trusty black paint (I already had this, but it can be purchased at Walmart for between 3 and 4 I'll add to my total:  $3.50.

Painted the shelf.  Oh, and bought batteries for the truck for $1.00 at Dollar Tree to make it's lights flash and it's fun sounds all work when you push the buttons on top...added coolness for my two year old. 

 Okay, my husband got in on this with his dremel.  He makes things extra nicer.  I would have stuck the box on top of the wheelwell, but Daniel decided the crate needed to be carved out around where the wheel would set...

When you have a little boy who just loves Cars by Pixar...well, this makes books REALLY cool.  It just might be harder than you'd think for him to agree to affix it to the wall!