Friday, April 19, 2013

He Speaks In Dreams

Lots of times God will share stuff with me through a dream.  Night time dreams.  Like when I saw Daniel, my husband, in a dream about 5 years before I met him.  Job 33:15 says that God "speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds."  
 He sure does in my world.

Like right now, we've been going through some challenges with Daniel's work.  I use the word "challenges" very lightly.  It has been incredibly physically stressful to our entire family.  And this, after picking up said family and moving three states away in order to come serve these folks.  But in the midst of the worst working environment we have ever experienced, God gave me specific dreams that have to do with our situation.  I love it when He invades my world in this way.  It brings hope. (Image at right is by forgottenx: )

In the past, I have sometimes looked up symbols in dream books to try to bring more understanding to what God is telling me.  But I really think that dreams are incredibly personal.  You can only get so much interpretation from a dream book.

For instance, Grandma's house in your dream might represent all that is loving and warm and delightful.  In my dreams, my Grandma's house always represents a place of fear.  Usually I am blowing up my Grandma's house or leaving it.  I have no idea what a dream book would say about that(Image at left by Gilmec   But in my world, with my background (which no one really knows except me and God), a dream like that actually means that I am becoming more and more healthy in leaving Fear and trusting God when Fear attempts to torment me.  And what did "Grandma's House" mean to Little Red Riding Hood...well, before or after the wolf?  See how symbols can be so personal?

So, I had this dream recently.  It was actually rather morbid.  It didn't "feel" morbid while I was dreaming it.  But I woke up and thought, "Uh.  That's a hard one to share with people.  Just cause it's gross sounding."  And with that introduction, here ya go:

"Daniel and I were working in a dark, dank basement kind of place.  It was rough-hewn,
unfinished; not a good working environment at all.  (We talked it over later and agreed that pretty much sums up the working environment we are currently in.)  A lot of folks were working in this place as if it was a normal office.  Not far away from me on the ground (here's the gross part) was a clear plastic garbage bag and in it were a whole bunch of my internal organs.  I was worried about these, since I knew that a garbage bag couldn't be the right place for them (especially my heart, which I was pretty sure was in there).  Then the bag began to seep blood into the groundwater and other people began noticing and getting grossed out.  I mentioned it to Daniel and he told me not to worry.  He would throw the bag away.  It would be okay."(Image at right by Alipants: )

Needless to say, this was something of a disturbing dream.  We're throwing away my heart here?  That can't be good, right?   Well, I don't know what it means, (half the time, I don't, the day after I dream it), but I write it all down, as much as I can remember and file it away for future reference.

Fast forward a month or so.  The working environment we are in has degenerated even more.  The leadership is a fiasco:  there is constant under-cutting, juvenile-like pushes for power-plays, and my husband is having to deal with antagonism that we have never experienced before (and he worked for a stint in the state capital of California, for goodness sakes)!

Did I mention we currently work for a church?  So the leadership happens to be our pastoral leadership also.  Double ouch.  Nothing like the fun of getting friendly fire from the folks who are supposed to be spiritual family.  This has created just a tad more internal pain and stress than I am used to.  Ah well.

But, Daniel reminded me of something beautiful in the midst of this mess.  It's from this neat verse in Ezekiel (36:26):  "I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."

(Image at right is titled "Heart of Flesh" by Arteigel, who's gallery can be seen at .

I guess it's pretty comforting to realize that in spite of the pain that hits sometimes, there is Someone who cares, who notices and who plans on taking care of you.  He will allow you to go through the junk, yes.  And He will not ignore the pain--He SEES it (that part is important!)  But, He cares very much about your heart and doesn't want it to feel numb or be stepped on or be thrown away.  Rather, He will give you a brand new one, that maybe doesn't even remember the hurt that destroyed it in the first place.

Oh, and the day after this morbid dream, God gave me another one.  In it, I was going on a date with
my husband and we were going to go to a wonderful restaurant that was an all-you-can-eat kind of place.  We went to peek at the banquet and I remember being delighted by all the possible desserts.  In the dream, I remember thinking, "Hooo, boy.  There's so much good stuff here, we're going to have to be careful we don't eat too much!"

Ha!  How's that for an encouraging thought.  There's good stuff ahead.  And in the midst of working in a dungeon, that's encouragement!  That's what makes us keep our chins up and keep pressing on.  And that is the beauty of knowing that dreams are from God.   (Image at right by Er-ca :

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