Friday, January 31, 2014

Starting Over in 2014

   Why not another "prophetic" posting about 2014?  They're really popping up now.  It seemed like at the first of the year, all the prophets were a little disoriented.  As if 2013 had taken them for such a ride, and was so much NOT what they were first expecting, that they were a little dazed when it came to making projections for the new year.  I know I felt that way.  That's why this posting is not trying to be prophetic for you and yours at all.  I'll just admit at the outset that I was side-swiped in 2013 and to be very plain, the year sucked.  So, as we moved over into 2014, I realized that this was just where I was at, like it or not:  Starting Over.

Now I realize there are mountaintops and valleys that are to be expected in our journey through life.  Or, another metaphor: "pruning seasons", which help us blossom later.  But these aren't ever easy.  My husband and I clung to two books of the Bible this year:  Job from the Old Testament  (dude lost everything!) and James from the New (I'm supposed to find joy in these trials?).  Those aren't usually my favorite sections of Bible, okay?  I haven't handled most of our "valleys" as well as I'd like to, and it's been challenging to face the idea of having to begin all over again.  I have fought the idea.  I've been angry about it.  I have grieved over it.  And finally, inside, I'm actually beginning to look forward to it:  Starting Over.
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  So this is my theme for 2014:  Starting Over.   This is where I am at.  Maybe you are, too.  If so, come along with me and let us see what we discover.  Maybe we'll find some delight in it all.  Probably.  There's always a sunrise after the night.

  Here's what I'll be starting over with: my husband's new job (always takes some adjustments for the whole family, starting a new job).  New house (could be an apartment or a rental home--we're not sure, yet because some things are still in flux).  Coming back to the state (Colorado--yay!!) that is home to us, now.  Beginning a new fantasy book (and we've finally got the rough story idea ironed out so I can begin writing).  Having our third child in about 6 weeks which will mean starting over fresh with a tiny baby, plus our other two.  And starting over with our home.  We pretty much lost everything so this should be fun (no, I'm actually serious!).  We're not starting with a whole lot of income, so I'm going to depend heavily on Freecycle, craigslist and Pinterest and I'll be posting our projects as we go (because that's the fun part: seeing what you can make from nothing).

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    So, this is what my blog is going to be about this year, in one way or another.   Come along with me and follow along if you'd like.  And if you have your own story about having to start over in 2014, I wish you'd shoot me an email and connect with me about it.  It always helps to know we're not alone.  It always helps to have a friend to share the journey-- even the valleys and pruning seasons. 


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