Monday, March 3, 2014

Introducing Arden

"Lady Autumn" by Christina Lo'ren Morrison
   Her name is Arden and she has a story.

Which is pretty cool, because for the longest time, I only knew she had a story, but I didn't know exactly what the story was.  And then, as my husband and I chatted over the plans for another story, in the spirit of Tarnished, if not a sequel, he hit on a suggestion that reminded me of her: That lady I had painted so many years ago.
  Long before I met Daniel, I was hiking in the fall in the forests of northern California.  Leaves were falling, the sound of water drops on moldy undergrowth could be heard, and clouds of mist hung in the trees.  And for a moment, a split second, I "saw" her:  A woman with wisdom written on her brow, holding a pair of wolves at bay.
  It took me awhile to capture her in acrylic, and I think others could have done it better, but I caught a rendition of the Lady I saw that day.  And I wondered about her as I painted.  I wondered about her story.

   Fast forward a few years, as Daniel and I are starting our lives over in many ways, and we're traveling across the plains of Utah and Wyoming, heading to begin anew in the state we love: Colorado.  Daniel suggests a plot to me as we drive, and I am caught by it.  There is something about that idea...wait, I know this!  This is Lady Autumn's story! 

  That was the only name I really had for her at the time of the painting.  But I knew she had to have another.  And now I know what it is.  We've christened her after our daughter's middle name: Arden.  Which is appropriate because her story is one of ardent passion.

  It will be our second book.  Not a sequel to "Tarnished", exactly, but set in the same world, many years before.  And we're jazzed.  It's good to be writing again.  It's good to be excited about writing again.

Ah.  Almost forgot.  If I have piqued your interest in Tarnished, here's a link to the book on Amazon: