Sunday, March 1, 2015

DIY Birch Pendant Lights

Maybe it was being raised in mountains.  The woods still call to me.  And I love surrounding myself with natural woodsy elements in the cozy comfort of my home.  Thankfully, my husband is on board with me in this, so together, we are creating a home that has birch and aspen along with rock-work woven throughout our room designs.  And together, we have created these delightful pendant lights to match our birch tree light (in the background).

First we found these plug-in light cords on Amazon:

(UPDATE:  See note below regarding light bulbs!) 
We bought these super neat light bulbs, (but when the cords arrived tested out some chandelier bulbs picked up at Dollar Tree and discovered they work, too!):

Then, we found these birch vases on Etsy.  They seem to be very popular for weddings these days and we found ours on sale for $8.95.  But, you can also get some neat ones that come personalized with initials carved into the bark - tempting!

Next, Daniel got out his drill.  First, he made some openings in the base of the aluminum bases of the vase.  Then, he used pliers to grip and pull out the large circle (kinda like a can opener).  The smaller holes he drilled to allow heat from the light bulbs to escape.

That's pretty much it!  He fed the cord through his hole, and we were ready to hang them!  The vases are so light (much lighter than glass pendant lights), that they work really great for the cords.

We plugged them in and were thrilled with the result!  Yay for birches in our living room!

So, let's see...that's $16.00 for the light cord, $1.00 for a bulb at Dollar Tree and a birch vase off Etsy for $9.00: it comes to a little over $26.00.  Or you could buy this one at this link here for $250.00:

Personally, I like ours better.

Happy Crafting!

Update:  About those light bulbs.  The fancy, more expensive kind burn too hot.  Stick with the Dollar Tree bulbs on this DIY, because if the birch containers get too hot, the birch starts to pull away from the aluminum container.  When we figured out why this began to happen, we switched out to the cheaper bulbs, and it hasn't happened since. 

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