Saturday, April 25, 2015

Transforming a Small Bathroom into a Mountain Niche

When we first moved into our rental town-home, the downstairs bathroom left a bit to be desired.

 I mean...the bathroom functions, which is the most important feature in the grand scheme of things.  But it wasn't exactly beautiful.  Or inviting, necessarily.  It can be argued that there is no need for a bathroom to invite: the fact that it exists is enough.

But we wanted to make it pretty.  And so did our sweet cousin, who was so concerned by our bathroom's barrenness shortly after we moved in, that she went out and bought us towels and that nice Method hand cleaner you see in the picture there.  (Hahaha...thanks again, Elizabeth!)

So, keeping in mind that we are not allowed to add paint to brighten our walls in our nice little rental, we put our heads together to come up with a way to "pretty up" our unattractive little john.

Here was the first thing we attacked:

This is truly the ugliest pedestal sink I have ever seen.  Left over from the seventies, it needed a fresh look.  We happened to have four rock panels from Faux Panels ( ).  Daniel worked his magic and used three of the panels to create a three sided box that fit right under the pedestal base.

Hmm...what to do with that 4th panel?  I couldn't throw it away.  These rock panels are gorgeous.  (Wait til you see how we plan to use them on our media center!)

So...we improvised and with the help of an inexpensive mirror and reindeer moss from Dollar Tree, we created a nice little matching wall piece.

Okay, already this little bathroom is much improved.  But there was one problem we had to solve: what to do for the shower curtain?

I kinda thought an image of a forest might be nice, but the nice ones were terribly expensive.  So, after a little internet research, we found Artscow: 
but unfortunately, I can't give them the best of reviews.

They did offer excellent prices on shower curtains.  We uploaded an image we loved, and the process of buying it seemed easy enough.  The shipping was much higher than we thought it ought to be, so we suspected we had fallen for a sales shell game of a sorts, but we decided to hold our judgment temporarily.

Well, it took forever for them to ship it.  We had chosen the least expensive option to ship, so we knew it would take a bit longer, but this was ridiculous.   After a couple of months, we finally called their customer service, thinking possibly that our order had somehow fallen through the cracks.  The sales person, however, found it within moments and told us the order had not been lost.
"You chose the cheapest shipping option!"  Hmmmm.  About a week after our phone call to them, the package showed up at our door.

We were very pleased with the product: the shower curtain is very good quality and the image is perfectly copied onto it.  I really love it.

But I won't buy from Artscow again because of the sales tactics.  I'm pretty sure from the conversation we had with them that they shouldn't be any real slow-down from purchase to mailing.  It's just their way of trying to encourage customers to pick the higher shipping option and shipping seems to be where they make their money.  So, I'd recommend Shutterfly or one of the other photo gift websites first.  Just FYI.

Still, the curtain looks great!

A few other things we did that I like...

The glass on the left was a Michael's find that I filled with river rocks.  But the other three little jars were just regular glass jars.  I wanted them the same color green, so I made a little mixture of food coloring and glue.  Then I spread it around on the inside of the little jars, waited til it dried and then filled them with some of my go-to bathroom supplies that I like to have easily available. 

Here's a nice photo from the front:

All in all, I am really happy with the way this bathroom is turning out.  There's a few things we still a slender bamboo runner to go along the top of our 70's medicine cabinet there or a mossy green rug (if I can only find one small enough!), and maybe a few more towels and wash-clothes that match. 

But for right now, we have this neat look going on that makes us feel a bit like walking into a mountain niche to do our bathroom business.  Which is not a bad way to do it, really.

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  1. Wow, this is incredible! So creative and unique; I love it!

    -Stephanie K.

    1. Thanks! Anything to feel like we're hanging out in the mountains rather than a basement bathroom! :)