Friday, May 22, 2015

DIY Birch Pots

Yet another birch project!  And this one, also, was super easy.  You will need several items.
A terra-cotta pot (We bought ours from Amazon here:     ),
birch "ribbon" (Another Amazon purchase, link is here:  ),
hot glue, and that is it!  Except for the wheat grass we planted in them, which you can find at many natural foods grocery stores. 

Here's how we began:

This paper-like ribbon is very easy to work with, unlike actual birch bark.  So in a matter of minutes, I was already done hot-gluing the paper to the pots.  Now, for the bases...

I measured the length and then cut the birch ribbon right in half.  I hot-glued it around the base, first and then spent a little extra love on the bottom, as seen here:

This left just a bit of a lip to cover the tops of the bases when sitting upright.

They look amazing and all ready to have wheat grass added!

Okay, I admit when I first dreamed up the plan to do this one, I intended to have real wheat grass growing inside of my little birch pots.  But live wheat grass (sometimes called "Kitty Grass") was actually a little harder for me to find in my neck of the woods than it used to be.  And then, on the hunt for another craft project, I accidentally ran into a lovely sale at Michaels where these little fake grass inserts were 50% off. 

So, I went with fake grass.  (Not a bad plan when you live in a 420 friendly state!  Haha!) 

And this means of course,  no watering, no worries about low-light in my north facing living room...this is a God-send and I'll take it. 

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