Monday, June 22, 2015

Big & Little Concept Teaching Packet AND Read Aloud Video Available

We showed you a teaser of the Caedyn, Big & Little book earlier in the year, here:

But now, we're excited to announce that the "Caedyn, Big & Little" teaching packet is available on our Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Yay!  It's right here:
We also have a FREE video download of "Caedyn, Big & Little".  Here is a sample:

The video is available in our store, (Did I mention it is FREE?) right here:
And if you would like to preview the entire video before purchasing (totally understandable), then you can view it on YouTube here:

The packet with all of its wonderful activities and reading literacy worksheets, and even a personalized version of the Caedyn, Big and Little story, is all ready to go in one nice easily downloadable bundle for $5.00. 

In the packet that is available for purchase, there is a personalized version of the story for both boys and girls, and reading literacy activities that coincide with the story.

This is a great way to introduce your preschooler to making their own book.  After reading the story, "Caedyn, Big and Little", or watching the video of it, your child can make their own "Big & Little" book.

So Melissa can make "Melissa, Big & Little", with a girl character, colored to look like Melissa.

And Lee can make "Lee, Big & Little" with a boy character colored to look like Lee. 

In addition, each child can do the activities that Caedyn does in the book:

Cut out Shapes...

Put together the Farm Puzzle...

Write their Name...

And organize things by shape, both "Big" and "Little"...

 and "Large" and "Small"...

We're really excited about sharing this packet and are looking forward to doing more things like this that both our children and yours may benefit from.

We hope you have a ton of fun with "Caedyn, Big & Little"!

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