Sunday, June 7, 2015

DIY Lego Pinata

Anyone else have a hard time paying over $30.00 for a pinata that a bunch of blindfolded children are going to whack to kingdom come in less than 30 minutes?  I admit:  I do!  Especially when a pinata is such a delightfully simple thing to make.  Especially a Lego Brick Pinata!

 So, if you have a youngster in your home who loves legos and who has a birthday soon approaching, as we do...well, then here you go!

Your do it yourself material list for this one is relatively easy to gather:

An empty shoebox, with two holes cut in one end.  

A couple of toilet paper tubes, or a paper towel tube, or foam tubes (we used these last).
A length of sturdy rope

I've mentioned how easy paper mache is to prepare in a previous blog, here: 
(We made Sir Reginald Binky, our faux deer bust out of that and a few balloons.)  But if you need a refresher, here it is: 

For a perfectly excellent paper mache mixture, you simply mix flour and water together into a gooey, somewhat watery mess and then run pieces of newspaper through it, getting rid of excess so that it will dry more swiftly. 

That's pretty much all we did here.

Toilet paper tubes or foam tubing (which is what we used) work for the bumpy parts of the lego.  Just make sure your paper mache is covering all of it. 

Let it dry on that side, then turn it over and fill it with candy and toys (A 2 pound bag ordered from Amazon filled ours to the brim).

We inserted the rope through the two holes in our shoebox, and knotted it securely inside.  Then we paper mached the back of the box, also. Add a coat of paint...and Voila!

This pinata is ready to be destroyed!  Bring on the small children in blindfolds ready to wallop something hard with a good bat!  And for me, one more birthday to-do is checked off the list.  :)

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