Friday, October 9, 2015

More Printables for "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons"

  After using the wonderful reading program "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons", when I taught a combined grade classroom, I feel in love with it! 
But I needed more materials.  So, like many teachers who need very specific items and can't find what they're looking for, I created them.  And then put them away in a box that happened to be the one box of teaching materials I kept throughout the years.  

And then, when I began home-schooling my own children, I dug them out of that one box of teaching materials and revamped them.  I thought, "Maybe others might like these worksheets also."  So...

  ...first I put together "After Five Phonics" as supplemental teaching materials.  Most children should be able to do these after completing the first five lessons of "How To Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons", and included are some printable practice writing sheets that have a font very similar to the font in the "100 Easy Lessons" book.  



...I put together "After Ten Phonics" as supplemental teaching materials that children should be able to do after completing the first ten lessons.  I tried to fit in a few little crafts that would hone in on the instruction too, like little paper Rat to be cut out and folded together after children can read the word "rat".  Or the tree craft, pictured above, since they are now able to read the word "Tree".

And then, I left these "100 Easy Lessons" phonics packets alone and decided to really hone in and focus on completing my Letter of the Week Packets, since letter of the week stuff is where we are at with my second daughter.  I thought, "Eh, if people like them, maybe I'll come back to these after I'm done with the Letter of the Week stuff."

But these little phonics packets have proved to be VERY popular on my TpT store.  Yet still, I thought, "I'll get back to them after I'm done with the other packets!"

And then, I received the second of two very nice reviews on the products.  And this one said:  

                 "These are great - I have found very little "100 Easy Lessons" stuff." 

And my heart kinda went out to the homeschooling community, because that comment is true.  There's so little out there.  So, this last week I tried to really apply myself and here are the results:

Yes, this one's designed for supplementing after the first fifteen lessons (you're catching onto this pattern, aren't ya!) of "How To Teach Your Children To Read in 100 Easy Lessons". 

Now I added a bit more to this packet, because after lesson 15, because now that there are more letters to work with, there are more activities possible.  For instance, larger words can be read, and there is more variety to pull from in the sounds.

In addition, I decided to create an answer key for the worksheets and show images of the crafts.  Most parents won't require this, but there are those times, (especially as a homeschooling parent), it would just be easier to glance over an answer key than to try to figure out what exactly the creator of these worksheets intended.

We still have the writing practice sheets (3 in each packet), which successively introduce the new letters in the same way that "How To Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" does, and we offer these as color printables or black and white. 

In fact, this packet is a little larger than the other two with 25 pdf's total.  I'm actually kinda jazzed.  Once again, as I was making this up, I was thinking how nice it's going to be when my second child is ready to begin this program (we start the reading program after we do Letter of the Week alphabet basics) and all these printables are sitting in my computer, waiting to be printed out!  Yay!  I love that!

So, if you need some additional printables to work in conjunction with this wonderful reading program, feel free to check out my store and see if they'll work for you.  Here's the link:

 Happy Reading!

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