Monday, November 23, 2015

G is for Green Eggs and Ham

"Green Eggs and Ham" is an old one, but you don't get any better than this classic by Dr. Seuss, and this is why we chose this particular book for our Reading Literacy Activity in our Letter of the Week G packet. 

Matching pictures from the rhymes was something new for Little Miss and so we did this activity together.  We have read this book many times, and the familiarity helped.  The rhymes rolled off her tongue without a lot of thought, and then, there as the picture that was needed, staring up at her.


In our Letter of the Week packet for G, we also have this Sentence Builder, above.  It's a bit advanced for Little Miss, but a child working on writing should have fun with it.  Because, after all, what child doesn't like to declare to the world the food she (or he) does not like?  Mine love sharing that info.  

Little Miss also did her "Cut and Paste G Words" today, and the thing I thought would be fun to point out is...

How she chose to use the color Green for writing her "G"s and then began going over the letters of the G words in green, also.  

This is a great "Pre-writing Activity" that she has improvised for this activity herself.  Yay!!  

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