Wednesday, November 25, 2015

G is for Grapes

If you remember, earlier in the week, we did this...

...which was awesome.  Because anytime you can intermingle a great experience such as snacking on delicious grapes, with learning, it's bound to stick.

Now, I ran out of grapes by Day 3.  But if I'd had more in the fridge, I would definitely have pulled them out again for a refresher (Cause, what's more refreshing than grapes?), but alas, I did not.  And I did this Grape Craft anyway.  Because it is fun and easy.

You simply print out the G is for Grapes Craft page, and slop some rather large glue globs in a few places.  I didn't have purple beads, but some of the grapes we've been eating lately, have been more red or pink than purple, so we went with that. 

Little Miss put her beads in clusters, like grapes would hang, and was very pleased with her finished project.

To follow up, we printed out the puzzle page from our Letter of the Week packet, here:

I colored the grapes in, to make it a little easier, and Little Miss cut out her pieces.

I helped a little, because her interest was waning.  (I know it would have been more exciting if she had a few grapes to snack on while doing this--Aaargh!)  But, we finished up our G is for Grapes day in flying purple colors.

And then I went and added "Grapes" to my Grocery list!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

G is for Green Eggs and Ham

"Green Eggs and Ham" is an old one, but you don't get any better than this classic by Dr. Seuss, and this is why we chose this particular book for our Reading Literacy Activity in our Letter of the Week G packet. 

Matching pictures from the rhymes was something new for Little Miss and so we did this activity together.  We have read this book many times, and the familiarity helped.  The rhymes rolled off her tongue without a lot of thought, and then, there as the picture that was needed, staring up at her.


In our Letter of the Week packet for G, we also have this Sentence Builder, above.  It's a bit advanced for Little Miss, but a child working on writing should have fun with it.  Because, after all, what child doesn't like to declare to the world the food she (or he) does not like?  Mine love sharing that info.  

Little Miss also did her "Cut and Paste G Words" today, and the thing I thought would be fun to point out is...

How she chose to use the color Green for writing her "G"s and then began going over the letters of the G words in green, also.  

This is a great "Pre-writing Activity" that she has improvised for this activity herself.  Yay!!  

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

G is for Gorilla

Little Miss enjoyed those Gorillas in the video SO much yesterday that I decided to create a brand new craft that isn't even in our letter G packet. This one's a freebie.  I'll upload it to my store so you can download it full size.  Here's the link:

Now, we began our day by watching this cute little story called, "Goodnight, Gorilla":

This one was so fun my five year old asked if we could watch it twice.  So we did!

Next, Little Miss and her brother played the Matching Game.  We tried it out using all the pieces we have, from letters E, F and now G.  And, it was too big a game for my little girl, too overwhelming, too hard to remember where things were.  I think we'll back off to two letters at a time.  It's so much more important to keep it fun.  Also, I think she was very excited about doing her Gorilla Craft.

Now, I intended for Little Miss to cut out the pieces, but for the life of me, I could not find her scissors!  So, I cut them out myself with the big scissors.

She wielded the glue-stick and in short order, our Gorilla came together.  Okay, the only other added material for this craft besides scissors and glue are brads.  And I didn't have any!  But I thought it would be so neat if the gorilla's arms could swing.  So, we improvised...

I took a little piece of kneaded eraser (play-dough would probably work, too) and made a ball that went behind the gorilla's back.  Then, Little Miss poked a thumbtack through the black circle where the brad was intended to go and into that little ball.  Worked perfect!

The arms move, and she asked that I cut out the little gorilla, too, so that she could have a Mommy Gorilla and a Baby Gorilla.

She really loves her Gorillas.  We had to set them aside so that she could practice her G's...

"Start on the dot, go around, up and down for the hook..."

And then we went right back to dramatic play with our Gorillas.  And Mommy drew a background for the Gorillas to play in.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Introducing Letter G

We began Letter G this week and it was a Ggggggreat beginning!  Here's how we began...

In our Letter of the Week packet for G, we have a Song page.  It is sung to the tune of "London Bridge" and tells our schtick for the letter G. 

Glimmercat finds some grape juice (yum! don't all kiddos love grape juice?) and she drinks it down, making the sound of "guh-guh-guh".

After we sang our song, I gave Little Miss her Glimmercat G Path of Motion color page and we began by tracing the path of  motion with fingers...

Then I asked her to fill in the Big G and Little G with Grapes, and that was like the best thing ever.

Teaching Tip:  Use edible teaching tools whenever possible.  It makes everything more fun!

Now, I realize she looks a little glum in this picture, but the reason is that she was not sure she needed to fill in both big G and little g before she started munching on them.   She really thought she should only need to fill in Big G. 

 But when she got the okay to eat them all, it turned out okay:  look at this coy little smile as she pulls them all in for munching. 

Next, we went over our letter G words in our Matching Game.  Little Miss kept calling the Gorilla a monkey, so I figured we needed some YouTube help for getting a closer look at Gorillas.  We found this one and Little Miss giggled all the way through it.  These Gorillas really hit her funny bone.

Then, we went back to affix our Matching Game pieces to their foamy backgrounds.  She's getting really good at this. 

After she finished this job, she asked for a marker.  I handed her the marker container and saw she chose the green marker.  This is not like her, and then I remembered that when she chose the foamy background color, I had told her, "Green is a great choice for this letter, because "Green" begins with the 'guh' sound.  Green starts with G."

She had remembered and chose "Green" to color in G for that reason!  (Excuse me while I thrill over this one! She's doing SO amazing!!!  Okay, I'm done.)  

She also tried out the Path of Motion on her own.  And did pretty good at that, too. 

All of the worksheets you see in this post are available in our Letter of the Week packet for G, here:

Monday, November 9, 2015

F is for Flower

Little Miss loves flowers!  So making little flowers is a perfect way to finish up our last day in the week of F.  But first...

Little Miss and her brother played a Matching Game.  This time, we used all the cards we made for F AND the cards we made for the Letter E, too.  Extra practice and it made our game longer.  (And much to her brother's surprise, Little Miss tied and came awfully close to beating him).

Then, we printed out the Flower Craft from our letter of the week packet for F and...

Little Miss cut out her flowers and positioned them into place.  Then, she chose her pom poms for the middle of her flowers.

She enjoyed this, but she was really looking forward to the Flower Puzzle that she knew I had also printed out.  (She really likes these puzzles!)

I colored the leaves in the pictures green before she cut them out because I had a suspicion that this puzzle might be tough to do and thought coloring the leaves green might make it a little easier for her to figure out.

Then, though we tried to let her do most of it, we all helped put this one together (it was tough!) and then she glued the pieces into place and colored in the flowers.

And that was it!  The Letter F is all complete.  I think we hit some fun crafts in our journey with this letter.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

F is for Fish

Today is all about Fish!   And we started right in with the little fishy craft from our Letter of the Week packet.  Little Miss went back to her standard pink for his eyeballs...

But then she switched it up and went for purple.  Way to venture out, Little Miss!

This fish is designed to attach together at the tail.  If you stand on a chair, and drop it, if flutters, almost fish-like to the ground.  We dropped him a couple of times and then did our Dot to Dot.

This Dot to Dot is a nice, easy one and Little Miss made it all the way to 17 before I reached in to help her with the final numbers.  She liked her little fish and wanted to color him in, so we took some time to do that, too.

And for a fun way to incorporate snacks, don't forget "goldfish" crackers!  And then, we finished up the day with this silly story, "Don't Eat the Babysitter!"  This one from our bookshelf that my kids enjoy because of the tension in the story as a little bitty ocean fish baby-sits a shark, and we're never quite sure she will escape from being accidentally eaten by him until the end. 

But the book I'd really recommend for your fish day is, "The Pout Pout Fish", which will put a smile on anyone's face and make your kiddos giggle by the end of it, when the pout pout fish learns that rather than being destined to be "dreary-weary", because of his pouty mouth, his pouty lips are perfect for smooching.  It's a cute story with a fun twist.

I know what you're going to say:  "Where's 'Rainbow Fish'?"  And here is where I admit to the fault of literary snobbery.  What can I say?  I worked as a Children's Librarian for several years, and it ruined me for poor literature.  Yes, even in kid's books.  There are a lot of glitzy, beautiful illustrations out there paired with poor quality kid's lit, and "Rainbow Fish" is one of them.  Okay, Lit Rant over. 

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All of the printables and crafts seen on these posts are from our Letter of the Week Packet for F, that is available for purchase and download at our Teacher Store.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

F is for Fox

I am unashamed to admit that for our "F is for Fox" day, we most definitely began our morning off with this hilarious video, "What Does the Fox Say?"

You will not find a more exciting introduction to foxes for your small fry, and if your tots are not giggling in wide-eyed fascination by the time the time the CG fox comes out at the end of this rather odd video, well...I will be very much surprised.  I only wish every letter of the week had such an amazingly produced music video to start it off.  Haha!

 Then, we went to the kitchen table (still singing "Mo-o-o-o-orse, Mo-o-o-orse") and had a rousing bout of Matching Game between Little Miss and her older brother.  We took the game pieces we prepped yesterday and mixed them up with the Letter E game pieces from last week and it was a great game, pretty evenly matched.

Then, Little Miss reached over and grabbed the Letter F Maze printout, so although I had intended to start her on painting her Fox Craft first, we went with this, because...

Teaching Tip:  It's a wonderful thing to let your child steer their own learning by their interest.  

She began circling the pictures that began with F, and then I noticed something amazing that she was adding in, all by herself:

She was writing an F by each picture she circled.  I highlighted this in red to make it easier for viewing on the computer, but it is most definitely an F.  I think she wasn't sure if she should, and so her other "F's" were slightly erased, but she was adding them in on each picture.  And then, coloring the picture afterwards, because she loves coloring.  (And even venturing beyond the pink crayon!).

After this lovely success, we moved on to the Fox craft from our Letter of the Week packet.  I chose the non-colored version because Little Miss had so much fun with her paintbrush yesterday, I decided to give it to her again today.  We found a nice coppery paint and began painting.  I explained which parts we needed to try to leave white...

...and look what a careful and neat job she is doing!  Wow!  She was really enjoying herself and wanted to paint more after she was done, so I printed out this fun Fox image and just had her find the letter c's in the shapes, while we waited for her craft to dry.  She began painting the little letter "e's" blue, and then, just as suddenly, she was done with this page.  And that is just fine.

After lunch, we went back to her first Fox and Mommy cut it out for Little Miss to glue together.

And the rest of the morning, this cute little fox and her little frog from yesterday have been having wonderful play-times together.  

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All of the printables and crafts seen on these posts are from our Letter of the Week Packet for F, that is available for purchase and download at our Teacher Store.