Wednesday, March 2, 2016

L is for Lamb

Introducing baby animal names to preschoolers in always interesting.  Here is animal that in their few years experience has always been introduced to them as a "Sheep", and suddenly they're hearing a new title for it:  a "Lamb".  So, I decided to start the day with a Lamb video as if we were introducing a brand new animal, to help avoiding confusion.

Here is a nice introductory video that simply shows a lot of lambs running around, bleating and head-butting and leaping on each other.  It's fun, they're cute, and like a picture, a video is worth a thousand words. 

Next, we went in and practiced writing our L's, big and little letters on our writing practice sheet.

For the first time, Little Miss decided to try out that second line for practicing the letters on her own, without the transparent letter shapes.  This says a lot about how she is gaining confidence in her writing ability and the control she has over her pencil.

Next, we did the Maze sheet, because it has a picture of a Lamb on it and I asked her to find and circle the lamb, which she is doing right here.

Then, she did the maze at the top of the page.  Here was something else new that I noticed.  First, she traced the Maze with her finger, to find the Finish.  Then, she used her pencil to go through it.  Then, she asked for a marker to go over the pencil marks.

Now, we were ready to do the "Lamb" craft.

This is a very simple and easy to do craft that requires only glue, cotton balls and 2 Q-tips, with the cottony parts clipped off.

Little Miss likes to wield that glue bottle all on her own nowadays, and since this craft is color-coded, we get to practice our colors too, when I tell her, "Now, add glue to the purple shape and we will add the cotton balls."

What a satisfyingly cute Lamb we end up with!  And don't forget, a nice finisher to the Lamb day, might be to show the Pixar animated short, "Boundin'", which shows a lamb learning to happy whether he is sheared or fluffy. 

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