Monday, April 11, 2016

After 40 Phonics is for Free!

This is not a stand-alone Phonics program packet.  The image above is the cover of our FREE packet of over 30 pdf's of supplemental worksheets and activities coincide with the "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" Distar Reading Program.

 You will need to have already completed lesson 40 in the "100 Easy Lessons" book for this packet to be really helpful.

Now, if you've seen this image before: know that in the past, we created a mini packet of free supplemental worksheets in the past (total of 5 "stories") which are available for a free download.

 And possibly, you have seen the post where we began sharing our new packets that I created as supplements.

But now, we have created packets all the way up through Lesson 40, which is a feat.  So, to celebrate, I decided to release the newest packet (After Forty Phonics)  for free download.  Included in this packet, you will find fun worksheets that coincide with the program like this:

Or this:

Our usual flash cards, to follow up those sound introductions with a little more practice:

And some helpful writing practice worksheets that also coincide with the new sounds introduced by Lesson 40:

And more of those fun phonics stories that help students practice their reading, their comprehension, and their writing.

We also include easy crafts to make it easy to incorporate fun projects on the side:

Feel free to check it out and download it here

Happy Spring!

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