Friday, April 29, 2016

After 45 Phonics is Now Available!

Hey friends!  Good news:   After Forty-Five Phonics is now available.

The last few months, the desire and requests for these printable packets that contain supplemental worksheets and activities to enhance the reading program, "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons" has really picked up.  This is awesome! 

I've had many questions recently, like:

1.  "Are you going to create these packets for all of the 100 lessons?"

The answer is "Yes!"  It takes a bit of time, and I realize many are wanting these to be already completed.  I'm trying to really hone in and focus on getting them complete, while still keeping the quality high.  And, woo hoo!  I'm almost half way done!  Now that I have completed the After Forty-Five packet, listed above, "After Fifty", here I come.

2.  "Will you be eventually turn these packets into a bundle?"   

Yes, I do plan on doing bundles with these phonics packets.  My plan at this point is to create bundles for every 25 packets, because I do not believe I will be able to fit all of the activities up to 50 into a downloadable bundle.  My store allows for only so large of a downloadable bundle, and I don't like to compromise on the printing quality.  So, eventually, I WILL be making 4 bundles, with price breaks worked in, making it a more efficient purchase price than buying the individual packets. 

3.  "When will these bundled packets be complete?"

Alas!  I don't know the answer to this one, yet.  I will continue to update via this blog, each time a new packet is complete, and when I finish a bundle, I promise to update as well.  For those who follow me on here, you may have noticed I don't catalog my daily interactions with my daughter on her days of the week anymore.  Since my computer time is necessarily limited (something to do with homeschooling, and managing a household) I have decided to try to focus that time on where I need to the most.  Right now, that is completing these "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" supplemental packets.  

I hope these answers help.   A few other items of note.  In this current packet, I realized we have enough sounds and words to make creating longer sentences possible.  Because of the many studies that show how writing connects the dots that much quicker to reading in young children, I have decided to cover the new sounds, but rather than having the children copy words, I am creating longer sentences for them to utilize those words in.  Below is an example of what I mean.

The new sounds "V" and "K" are included, as would be expected after lesson 45 in the book, and we have sentences that correlate similarly to the sentences that your child will have been reading in the lessons by this time. 

I've recently had some very nice comments about the crafts I include in the packets, so I want to make a note about this one for letter K. 

I originally made this Kangaroo Craft for my Letter of the Week packets, but it was one of my favorite crafts, and my daughter loved it too:

I wanted to clarify that I often include the same crafts in these phonics packets that you will see in my Letter of the Week packets.  I do this because usually this isn't a whole lot of crossover between a Letter of the Week program and a "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" program.  Most people see those two as very different tactics for going about the whole reading thing. 

I may share more on this later, since I will soon be introducing my four year old daughter to the DISTAR reading program, and as most of you know, she has already had a nice introduction to her letters from my Letter of the Week packets.  It will be interesting to observe whether she has any confusion between the two, but I rather think she will not.  We will see.

Anyway, the point is, that I often will use the same craft in both programs, so I wanted to be upfront about that.  I have had to create additional crafts for "TYCTRI100EL" because I hadn't covered the long vowel sounds with crafts previously.  So, the Airplane craft was created especially in our free "After Forty" packet that I released in the previous blog, and this week's packet has a new craft for "Ocean" in honor of the long O sound. 

All right!  Keep up the good work in rating my packets and sending me those lovely encouraging comments and thought-provoking questions!  I appreciate every one, and they have definitely been instrumental in getting me to focus VERY intently on completing these packets for you all. 

For the latest packet, "After Forty-Five", head right over here:

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