Friday, July 15, 2016

Dover Publications GIVEAWAY!

The other day, it arrived in the mail, the box I had been waiting for.  I gulped in anticipation as I looked at the Dover logo on the outside and grabbed my camera as I opened its flaps.  My heart was even thumping.  Because, somewhere out there, one of you is going to get this very same box in the mail!  And that makes me happy.

A few weeks back, I'm doing my own Homeschool research, combing the web for supplemental resources to share with you as we cover "Story of the World, Volume 1 and I come across these amazing books:

Now, they call these "Coloring books", and they are.  But they are much more than that, too.

These beautiful books are filled with detailed images of people living out their everyday lives, and informative text that explains what's going on in the pictures.  My son and I poured over them.

The inside covers have images in color, and the rest of the book is in black and white drawings on smooth, rich paper that feels lovely to touch.

We will be starting with the book called Life in Ancient Egypt, because of course, we have been studying Egypt in Chapter 2 of Story of the World.  But my son also wanted to thumb through some of the other books because they are so beautiful to look over.

Altogether, we have six of these beautiful books from Dover Publications.

By title, they are:

*  Life in Ancient Egypt
  (We'll study Ancient Egypt in SOTW in Chapters 2-4, and the Middle and New Kingdoms in Chapters 12-14 ).

* Life in Ancient Greece 
 (We'll study Ancient Greece in SOTW in Chapters 19, 20, and 22-24)

* Life in Ancient Rome
(We'll study Ancient Rome in SOTW in Chapters 27-29 and 39-42)

* Life in Ancient Mexico
(We'll study the ancient people of the Americas in SOTW in Chapter 26)

*  Fashions from India 
(We'll study Ancient India in Chapters 9, 30 and 31 of SOTW).

*  Brides from Around the World Paper Dolls

(This last, lovely book is not a coloring book, but rather a collection of paper dolls.    It was drawn by the well-known Tom Tierney
and features female dolls from all over the world.  I plan to use it specifically when we cover China, India, and Palestine, but any time you can show children the variety of people and cultures--including through dress--, it adds so much to their understanding of history and the variety in their world today.)

Obviously, my daughter is enthralled already.

As mentioned, we are going to begin reading through the "Life of Ancient Egypt" book, but I am going to continue to reference these books throughout our series on "Story of the World, Vol. 1", because they are such an excellent additional resource.

Here's a page I colored, to spark my son's excitement.  The detail of the drawings is incredible, and once you've added color, the images nearly leap off the page.

Now here's the most exciting thing about this post:  We are offering a Giveaway for a set of these same six books from Dover Publications, that will be so useful as supplements for Story of the World, Volume 1.

This giveaway will be live until 7/22/2016, and I am super excited that someone else is going to get their hands on all these beautiful books, too!  There are three ways to enter.  Share the giveaway on Facebook, follow "glimmercatblog" on Twitter or Tweet a message about the Giveaway to your Twitter followers.   Easy as that.

(This Giveaway is now finished.  Subscribe to our page to keep posted on any future giveaways!)

CONGRATULATIONS to our Giveaway WINNER, Jenni C.! 
 I'm SO excited to get this box of books sent your way!!!



  1. These are awesome! I love the female figures!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! Yes, they are all really beautiful books! :)