Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Let's Do Hieroglyphs

In Chapter 3 of Story of the World, we are introduced to two forms of writing:  using Cuneiform and Papyrus.

We begin with Cuneiform, which was basically writing on clay.  If you wish to keep your cuneiform clay tablets when you are done, you might consider using Sculpey clay that you can purchase at Michaels.  We simply used play-dough.  A plastic knife will work well for the imprinting in the clay.

We offer a Hieroglyph Activity Sheet (above), complete with a Hieroglyph Translator and Stencils in our Ancient Egypt Activity Kit , which you can use for your writing on your "cuneiform" tablets.

Writing on clay can be a little frustrating for the young writer.  So it might be more fun to use the Hieroglyph Translation Sheet in our packet to also attempt hieroglyphic writing on regular paper, too.

My son was unsure at first about his ability to draw the complicated "letters"of the Egyptian alphabet, but he agreed to attempt to write his name and found he could do it, after all.

If drawing the individual letters still seems a bit intimidating, we also offer stencils of the Egyptian characters in our Ancient Egypt Activity Kit, that look like this:

Our Ancient Egypt Activity Kit is available in our store. 

If you and your child decide to attempt hieroglyphic writing, we would love to see pictures in the comments!

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