Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Robin Hood Graphic Novel?

So you're wondering, "What the heck is this?"  
Ha.  This has me written all over it!  Sure, it's about Robin Hood, a legend I've never tired of; full of "Ye Olde Britishness" and good old fashioned heroes and villains.  Have I mentioned I love happy endings? 

So, this is when I was in the process of learning Photoshop about 5 years ago.  I look at some of what I was doing (okay...most of what I was doing) and now, I cringe.  But you know, learning is usually like that.  I still think it's worth sharing.  Not because of my work, but because of the great photos we started with that do manage to convey a story.  

 I mean, check out the expressions of our actors!  Aren't they fun? 

Daniel played Robin, and we asked three of our friends to handle the bad guys.  We took them out to a park in San Jose one early Saturday morning.  It was winter, so there weren't a lot of folks around and I had them throw on the leggings and jerkins I had made for them, over their clothing.  Then we told them how to pose and clicked away.  Except for the deer--that was a purchased stock image.

Somewhere, I still have the storyboards for this.  I wanted to tell the whole story.  Unfortunately, though, we lost every last one of the photos we took that day when my computer suddenly crashed a few months later.  Aaaargh.  I hate it when that happens.

I wonder if we'll get the chance to tell it someday with a different cast.  Might be fun.  Who gets tired of the Robin Hood story, really?  Just reading this part over again makes me want to go back and reread it or hear a minstrel sing a lay about it.  Hmm.  Or at least re-watch the old Disney cartoon..."Oooo da lally, ooo da lally, golly, what a day..."

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