Thursday, July 12, 2012

A WIP...a what?

I decided to post a "Work in Progress", a WIP.   This is our friend Christopher posing as a Tarn (tarns being prominent characters in our fantasy fiction book, Tarnished).

Christopher is a fan of the book and had offered to be turned into a tarn for a Facebook cover image, which is something we're offering through the month of July on our book's facebook page.  So, he had come over to take photos.  And he really got into it!  He was totally ready to lop something's head off with that sword!

Daniel ended up giving him the sword, Christopher seemed to like it so much.  And I felt compelled to do a big art piece for him that wasn't just a tarnished photo.   Sometimes God has me do that.  I think it's because He likes to give people messages sometimes in art.  So He'll give me a picture for someone inside my head.  Sometimes He gives a Bible verse to go with it, but not always.

So, here's Christopher's piece, partly done.  It does have some issues.  The horn on the left needs some definite tweakage.  And I got rid of the lens flare already.  I want Daniel to take a look at it with me.  He usually has very good ideas, even if I grouse at him about wanting to change things.  I'd like to add more fun things around the sword.  Not sure what yet, though.  Anyway, I'll post the finished product when we finish up with it. 

Oh, and what do you think of my "electronic signature"?  I made it this week and this is the first time I've gotten to use it.  "Glimmercat" has been my online name for years, so I decided to sign my stuff with it.  I think it's neat, anyway.   

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