Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Speaking in Cat

The other day, I was sitting in front of my computer, doing important things like checking my Facebook, when I heard this little mew.

I looked down and saw this lovely fluffy black cat walking through my bedroom.  I had left the front door open since there was a nice cool breeze and both my children were taking naps, so apparently this neighborly kitty decided that my home was a "friendly" and she ventured in to investigate further.

She was right.  I love cats and since my husband doesn't care for them (yet!!  I have hope!), I miss them.  Any chance to befriend a member of the feline species is welcomed by me.  So Kitty made herself right at home, as witnessed by the photo.

And I had this idea:  I think God speaks to me in Cat.

No, I don't mean He meows or some such ridiculous idea.  I mean, I think He sends me love through cats.  You see, He knows me.  And it's one of the ways that He knows I like to be He sends me cats.   I know He does.  That's just so like Him.

So you're thinking, "That's a mildly weird to rather bizarre and absurd thought to come up with based on the visit of one smoky black cat."  Yeah.  Okay.  But there have been other visits.

Long ago I had a cat (named Glimmer) and I decided to walk very carefully through allowing her to have kittens.  I began looking for a mate, but in my small town, there were few non-fixed males wandering around.  I put the word out, albeit a little embarrassed to admit I was studiously shopping for a nice looking stud for my kitty.  One young friend offered the services of her young male cat but I went, I saw and I turned him down.  Tortoise-shells are all well and good, and smashed in faces are loved by some people, but my cat was a simple black cat and I wanted her kittens to be prized so that I could find really good homes for them all.  I figured black kittens might be a little plain to some.  A friend heard about my dilemma and suggested a Siamese mate.

"I've heard that Siamese and black cats make beautiful kittens," she said.

I thought that was a fine idea, but where in the heck would I ever find a Siamese cat, whose owner was willing to pair him up with an un-pedigreed girlfriend?  Well, I remember I prayed about it.  And a few weeks later, another friend called me up.  She said, "There's this male Siamese or Himalayan cat wandering around the trailer park.  I haven't seen him before, and I don't know where he came from, but I'd let you have him if you would find him a home afterwards."

A few months later, my cat had given birth to five pure white kittens that got all their Siamese points in time and I had found a home for all of them and the father.

Another time, after a really challenging day while visiting some people who didn't seem to want me or my husband there, we found kittens in their barn (pictured).
It was such a wonderful moment for me on a day that I would have liked to have cried on.

Then there was the day that my own cat, Glimmer, died.  Even though our friend Martin was visiting us, I couldn't contain my grief.  I cried myself to sleep, cuddled up in my husband's arms.
The next morning, Martin greeted us at breakfast with, "Hey, these kittens woke me up playing outside my window."

I spent the rest of the day cuddling with the two kittens.  Their mother, a neighbor's cat, had apparently given birth to them there, but finding them on the day I needed them was a serendipitous "chance" that only God could have planned.

The year before my son was born, I was trying to deal with the fact of my apparent infertility.  My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for three years.  To assuage the pain, I began dreaming about my ideal cat.  I read carefully over the many breeds and became fascinated with Abyssinians.  But since we were unable to afford ourselves, I didn't see how I'd be able to experience an "Abby" for a very long time.  Enter Daniel's cousin whose husband was in the military and had just received word he was going to be transferred to Turkey.  She and their children would stay with her parents during her husband's stay but her dad was allergic to cats and she was looking for someone to take care of her husband's special cat if they paid for it's keep.  Did I know what an Abyssinian was?

So, back to the smoky black cat who entered our apartment the other day.  Yes, I needed her, too.  See, we just got word this last weekend.  A friend of ours, my husband's supervisor and friend was discovered to have committed a pretty significant moral failure.  It will affect his family, many of our other friends, and our own lives in big ways.  The company my husband works for was forced in sadness to expose the situation and depose the man from his position.  Likely, because of this, we will also be required to uproot our lives here in Colorado and move several states away where the company is based.  I've moved before, am in the process of moving now - to a lovely little rental, and I can handle this idea of moving to Illinois in about six months or so.  But it was very hard to be positive about all of this a few days ago.

So God sent me a kitty.  To remind me, I think, about His love and His promises, neither of which ever change.   So I felt comforted.  And reminded of His goodness in spite of the storms that might swirl around us.

And that, my friends, is how I know that God speaks to me in cat.

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