Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Fun With Pinecones

   Earlier this year I put up a post of a wreath I made using pinecones that dropped from my own trees (it's so much fun to use stuff off my acre and a half!).

You can view that post here:

There are other fun things you can do with pine cones, and today, I wanted to show you something else I had fun making with them.

 Here's the first one:

I found some fun DIY projects on Pinterest where people had dipped pinecones in paint and then allowed them to drip-dry.  I had some leftover glossy white paint, so I decided to give it a try.  It was tedious and messy, but I think the reason I had more trouble was because of the kind of pinecones that I had.  They were too fragile and it was hard to make them work.  However, I have one tree that produces a heavy, thicker pinecone.  I think it's a cedar.  And with the pinecones from this tree, I got this beauty:
I screwed in a tiny picture hanging loop, and then tied the ribbon to it.  I'd been looking for something to utilize the knobs on this bathroom shelf. 

All the rest of the pinecones that I had experimented with worked great in this apothecary jar, with a few natural ones thrown in and some more of the green ribbon.  At first I left it like that, but I have these branches (same ones I used in the pinecone wreath) from these bushes that line one side of my house.  I liked the look of them sticking out of the top. 

The bathroom also has this window on the opposite side.  I figured, since I had a few more paint covered pine cones, that I would set a few in the window sill.  And since we have a pine cone theme going on here, I glued some of the pine cone seed flakes to a photo frame of my husband and I. 

I like the contrast of the natural pine cones with the paint covered ones.  It's fun.

Here's a detailed shot of the photo frame.  I used hot glue, but I will say if I thought this frame was going to get a lot of handling, I'd probably use tacky glue instead.  That would hold better on the metal of the frame.

I'll be doing at least one more post with pine cones.  I have another wreath and a small decorative Christmas Tree partially done.  I figure, since I have all these materials (pine cones are still dropping from my trees) that it is a good plan to work on future Christmas gifts now, when I have the time.  So stay tuned for at least one more Pine-cone Post--yay!

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