Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ilse Gort on Kickstarter

Andrea Meloni

We've been sharing the awesome news that Andrea Meloni is on board to create some artwork for a "The Races of Tarsia" Art book.  This amazing Italian artist has done cover work for comic books, and his beautiful technique with lighting can be seen in this image here at the right (Rim light, people, and BEAUTIFULLY done!).  We are mid-way in process on getting this artwork funded.  Only $195 left to go as of right now! 

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, I'm shamelessly plugging our current Kickstarter Project, located here:

We have already gotten the funding for one artist, Djamila Knopf.  Now, we are only $195 away from having Andrea Meloni completely funded.  Soooo.....I thought this would be a good time to put out a carrot.  To show you one of the other artists whose work we are going to begin funding, if we can reach the current stretch goal. 

Ilse Gort

Her name is Ilse Gort.  You can see her work at
Isn't her work amazing???  If you love fantasy artwork, help us get the word out!!  Feel free to share, or come be a supporter of our Kickstarter Project.  
Ilse shares about herself here:

 "I was born in 1990. I am a freelance illustrator and game artist as well as a student of Game Art, currently in my third year. Since 2008 I have worked for dozens of private individuals, working my way up in the business and becoming more recognized for my work. In 2012 I started an internship as a 2D Game Artist for Triumph Studios, a triple-A level company in the Netherlands who are currently working on Age of Wonders III. Additionally, I am doing trial work for S2Games (Heroes of Newerth) which so far is positively received. My favorite genre is fantasy and my goal as an artist is to breathe life into both my and other people's imagination, using what I knowledge I have of the real world mixed with the possibilities that magic offers. I have felt connected to fantastical imagery since I was a young child and hope to create and share that connection with others through my work."


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