Saturday, May 11, 2013

Introducing Andrea Meloni

Super Exciting Kickstarter News.  Let me introduce you to an amazing artist.  This is Andrea

Andrea is an Italian artist, born in Turin (or Torino) in 1982. 

He's been drawing since he was a kid and has worked in many different fields, including advertising, illustration for school books and toys, and storyboarding for films and movies.

He has been published in Italy, France, Spain and other European countries and is currently doing some brilliant cover work for comics and books.

Here is more of his work:

 And he is has agreed to help us with some of the artwork for our next Tarnished project!!!  If we can get him funded, that is.

We are going to be releasing a new update shortly, explaining all the details, but the gist of it is this:  if we can raise another $350.00, we can have this amazing artist do our first piece for the World of Tarnished Art book!

Please,  please, please...if you love fantasy artwork, and would like to be a part, come visit the link above, and let's get this amazing artist funded for a brilliant piece of art.  If he does, every backer will get a 4x6 print!  Yes, yes, yes!!!

Not convinced?  Well, look here.  This is a beautiful art piece of his.  It is called "Dual Wielding". 

Come support us!  Let's get this brilliant artist funded and a new piece of art for Tarnished!!!  Yay!!

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