Friday, October 11, 2013

Pumpkin Decorating for Toddlers

I love to scavenge adult crafts for my kids to do.  Not all are feasible.  But some are.  And it's really
fun for my three year old to come away from doing a project and know that Mommy might do this one too because the end result looks so awesome. 

So awhile back, I found this on Pinterest: 

Ahhh.  I love this one!  And how easy is it, right? 

These are black thumb tacks arranged in super cool swirlies...yay for EASE and ELEGANCE!!!!

Here's the link if you want to pin this one for yourself, by the way:

So I thought to myself...this one has possibilities for my toddler to try out.  And so we did.

What you need for this craft:

A Pumpkin
Thumbtacks (we couldn't find black but gold worked, too)
A marker

We bought our son a mini pumpkin because of how easy it was for him to handle.  Then Mommy drew the lines on with a marker, including a very special "C" for Caedyn, (so everyone would know it was his).

He followed the lines and pushed in the tacks himself.  Sometimes, they overlapped, but that was fine.  Every once in awhile, he'd push one in crooked so that the pin was cock-eyed.  So, Mommy would pull those out and put them back in at the right angle.  

But overall, he owned this craft.  And was VERY proud of it. 

As he added the last few pins, he said, "Wow, when Daddy sees my pumpkin, he's going to say 'Cool!', huh Mommy?" 

The pins were super easy to push in, even though we got our batch at Dollar Tree, so they weren't the toughest of thumbtacks.  We had two casualties, but that was it.

So, if you're dreading the mess of pumpkin carving this year, and want to try out something different, I say give this one a shot.  The hardest part is coming up with your design and drawing it on with the marker.

Happy Fall!

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