Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Treats to Eat

    I'm not a big celebrator of Halloween, but carving out jack-a-lanterns is a nostalgic memory from childhood that I have guilty pleasure about passing on to my children.  We don't make scary faces, but it is a warm fall sight to see the candle-light brimming out of a cheery face out in the cold.  This year, it was hard for my three year old to wait to carve his pumpkin.

"Waiting's hard, huh, Mommy?"

  So, we here's a Halloween sweet treat we made that helped ward off those "waiting to carve the pumpkin" blues. 

What You Will Need:
Rice Krispies
a dessert cup for molding
Green Apple Twizzlers
food coloring
Twist ties
Cellophane paper
Black construction paper or black puffy paint

This is pretty basic, really.

      First you make your Rice Krispy Treats, adding in some orange food coloring (or in my case red and yellow until I got the desired color) at the mix in stage.  Now I had forgotten how it can be tricky to mold the treats, but remembered right away how important it was to slather my hands in butter to help do this.  

I tried to mold it by hand in little globes, but it seemed to work better to have the dessert cup to press the treats into.
My three year old happens to not like getting his hands sticky so he opted to hold the pre-cut Twizzler pumpkin stem while I did the dirty work. 
We let them rest on wax paper until we had the whole batch molded.
Licking the spoon when all is done is another very important step.

Then we wrapped them in cellophane and tied them off with little twist-ties (green preferably).
 Next, we glued on a pre-cut jack a lantern face...
and Voila! 
A fun treat that my son got to deliver to a few of his friends. 
 And he ate one of them, too!

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