Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanksgiving Advent and Thankful Tree

Okay, here's what my son and I did for our first Thanksgiving craft this year.

It's actually a combination of two different ideas I got from Pinterest.
The first were these nifty little edible acorns, pictured here:
This photo and how to make these can be found at the link to Michelle Clausen's blog: Sugar Swings.

I admit, I didn't catch the first time through that they used mini vanilla wafers.
Ooops.  Ah well, it's still cute, even with original sized cookies.
Super neat idea, right?
 And Caedyn already knows about acorns since we have found them on our nature walks.  But how to incorporate?

Well, here was someone else's great idea for a classy Thanksgiving lesson about thankfulness...

This photo and how to make the tree can be found at Simply Vintagegirl Blog at:

Putting the two ideas together was a blast (and will be more than a one day project with your toddler!)

1.  Make the tree.  Doesn't have to be super fancy.  A container from the thrift store would work or in our case, we used a tin can and covered it with fabric.  We found a single branch that worked great.

2.  Caedyn and I tried to think of his favorite things.  These included trains, God, Daddy and Mommy, his cousin A.J., books, and numbers.  We wrote one down for each leaf (or tag).  A simple hole punch through each was all that was needed, and then he got to put it wherever he wanted on his tree.

3.  Then we talked about the holiday coming up (Thanksgiving!) and that it is ten days away.  As Mommy put the frosting on the cookies for glue, Caedyn unwrapped the Hershey's kisses and stuck them on.  Then we wrapped them up with saran wrap to keep them fresh and added a hanging ribbon.

4.  Ten days til Thanksgiving and ten acorn kisses hanging on his tree!  Now all we have to do is make sure we remember to eat one a day!  This is also great counting practice for his numbers, and it's great timing for us since we just finished learning 1 through 10. 

That's it--super easy to do together, and really great for getting little minds thinking about what he really has to thank God for.  Turns out, there's a lot!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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