Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Letter N and Nest

I try to only post these arts and crafts blogs if I haven't seen the same thing already on Pinterest or somewhere.  Now I have seen "nests" all over Pinterest, but I thought they were a little boring because we already do quite a bit with construction paper and my kiddos get bored unless we add more to it.  So here's what we did:

That's some Life cereal we had on hand and my son enjoyed very much crushing it up for the nest part.  We used pom poms for the bird bodies, construction paper beaks and I have black puffy paint that gets used in a lot of our crafts:  here, we used it for the eyes and to make the letter "N" stand out.  By the way, those are three of my craft staples: pom poms, construction paper and black puffy paint:  lots can be created with just those three!

Hope your kids have as much fun as mine did.  Also, here's a link to a great little Youtube video that shows the development of birds in a nest over nine days.

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