Sunday, February 22, 2015

Preschool Crayon Organizing Hack

I'm not gonna lie:  I did not come up with this myself.  It was something I pinned and at the time I pinned it, I thought, "Yeah, maybe I'll try that sometime, but if I do try it, how long is it going to stay THAT neat and color organized?" 

Well, my little ones amaze me sometimes.  Truth:  I never organize this.  It stays color coded.  The kids keep it that way themselves.  Maybe it's because there is room for them to put the crayons back in.  Whatever the case, I love this.  Best time spent on recycling baby food jars, EVER!

Truth is, a crayon box is not easy to keep organized and neat.  Even for me!  I hate trying to stuff crayons back inside one of those, especially if there are broken ones.  I guess it must be just as tough for kids, because this simple hack of using baby food jars, that I painted has worked wonderfully.

And now I cannot find the original pinner to give credit where it is due.  However, I am going to post this because it is an easy little hack that helped make life just a tad easier with three small kiddos.

I used acrylic paints on baby food jars (you could use cans or other small jars) because that is what I have on hand at the moment.  I glued them all together using a super glue made to work on glass.  It stays together and it stays organized.  I love it!  Best Crayon Hack Ever. 

So, thank you, Anonymous Original Poster--I owe you one!

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