Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Caedyn, Big and Little

"Mommy, sometimes I feel big and sometimes I feel little," said my thoughtful three year old, some time last spring.  I smiled, and yet, his sentence stuck with me, and little by little, the idea for a children's book was born. 

Anyone who has raised a toddler can tell you some of the fascinating things that will come out of their little mouths, but an introspective toddler is the most fun of all.  My husband and I have been chortling over the deep thoughts of our oldest since he turned two. 

"Mommy, sometimes I make big mistakes.  And sometimes I make little mistakes.  And sometimes, I eat steaks:  I pick them up with my hands and I eat them; like this!"

And hearing the perspective of our son on growing up (his excitement and his concerns), helped me write this children's book, "Caedyn, Big and Little", much of which came out of his own mouth, with his own quaint little phrases. 

We fleshed it out together, me asking for his thoughts on different things, and then writing down exactly what he told me.  It's his first co-authoring attempt, and may be one of the only chances I have to co-author with him.  Once he begins reading and writing independently (and he's getting closer to this all the time!), my guess is that he will want to own the whole thing from start to finish.  I have no idea where he gets that independent streak! Haha! 

We'll start out by offering our book on our Teacherspayteachers store, but eventually we may offer it through Amazon along with Tarnished.   I'm proud of my son's story and my illustrations for the book (colored by Caedyn himself) make me smile.

And the message of the story the same that my parents offered to my brother when he was just a little tyke and asked, "Daddy, can I live with you until I'm 40?" 

My Dad still tells his answer with a smile:  "And I told him, "Son, you can stay as long as you want!"

It never happened.  That independent streak was strong in my brother as well.  But it's important for a toddler to know that kind of security.

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