Friday, January 29, 2016

Letters of the Week, Bundled

So you've decided to do Letter of the Week with your budding preschooler or kindergartner.  You've hunted around, found a program you like with cute crafts and excellent letter practice sheets, and a game and reading literacy and awesome graphics ("It's Glimmercat Education - Woo hoo!") and yet that 4 bucks per letter, (even with over 40 pages of content!) is a lot to bite off.

I get it.

It's always nice to save a little where you can.  I wanted to bundle some of our packets together early and so I tried it.  Don't forget to download the entire packet for Letter C (which is free already here.)

I have put together my letter of the week packets into bundles to offer savings where we can.  I tried to keep most of the options for either black and white or color. 

Some crafts are just more fun if the child gets to color them first, rather than having them be pre-colored in the printer.  But most of the color options are included too.

I also stream-lined the Lessons Plans and converted them to black and white also, to cut down on the PDF size of the finished product.  As pretty as they were in color, I'm guessing nobody needs colored lesson plans. 

As an afterthought, I added in reading recommendations in the lesson plans to go along with each day of teaching.  I'll make a separate reading list including these too, because it is a good thing to have around when you're right in the middle of Letter of the Week.

All in all, I'm pleased with my first venture into bundles.  Glad to help by shaving the price off a tad, too.  These are priced at 4 packets for $12.00 total.

All our Alphabet Letter of the Week packets are now in bundles.  You will find them in our store at the following links: 

Bundle A-E
Bundle F-I
Bundle J-M
Bundle N-Q
Bundle R-U
Bundle V-Z 

NOT only that, but we decided to Bundle up our entire program.   And, that is now available in our store for a super savings:  Our Entire Bundled Letter of the Week Program

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