Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lego Challenge Chariot

Now that the holidays are over, we're heading back into Story of the World for Chapter 19.  This was not a long chapter, but it is important in covering the Mycenaean Greeks and their downfall to the Dorian Barbarians. 

In this chapter, we learn how the Barbarian hordes conquered Mycenae through the introduction of iron over bronze.  We also learn about the importance of chariots in warfare in the ancient world. 

I wanted an additional activity that was short and fun for this chapter.  After the holidays and a winter break, there is understandably a bit of reluctance to jump back into schooling.  So, I opted for a Lego Challenge.  Which is simply assigning a task that must be completed using Legos. 

"I need you to build me a chariot!"  It was as simple (and fun!) as that. 

I'd like to include a couple images that show examples here of the light chariots used by the Mycenae.  They weren't complicated. 

And I wasn't picky about my son's contribution.  He did great!  I love the addition of one of the Lego men from his castle set. 

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